When someone like..

When someone like Neil Simon dies it brings to light all of the things that you haven’t done in your own life. What a body of work this man has produced. The lines from his plays and screenplays have become part of the American culture and language.

As for me, he was one of the voices of my youth. One doorway into what it must be like to be an adult. How complicated the smallest of events can become and how significant the simplest of conversations can be.

He taught me that comedy can be found in any mundane moment, if you just look for the humor in the tragedy. Of course I don’t mean those things that are most tragic to us, but the tragedy that is all around us every day.

I thought of Neil Simon when I went to the Hoover Dam. The only time that I have ever been to the Hoover Dam, the electricity had failed and they could not do any tours or open the gift shop. The irony in that made me think that we were living a scene from a Neil Simon play.


Author: genevajolee

I am a YouTuber and Lifestyle Blogger for women. I am a nurse and this is my hobby. My blog is geared towards women 50 and over, but all are welcome.

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