The American Dream is gone.

Stolen from the people of the United States is the dream that if they work hard, they can have what they need to survive. Those days are long gone. Lazy voters have killed our democracy. We’ve allowed corporations to monopolize though we knew that it would be to the detriment of America. We’ve forced small business to pay for our healthcare, then priced it so high that there is no way for them to compete or grow. We have cut out the possibility of the American dream. We allow our corporations to move to a country where they don’t pay taxes back into the American economy and only take from us.

We get preached to every day about how it is the fault of the immigrants. It is not. One would have to be a complete idiot to think that and yet it seems that millions suck up that notion every day and take it as gospel. Keeping American’s Christian is the only way to keep them so naive. In God we Trust, but in our fellow man we see nothing. Just another person taking our resources or breathing our air. We have become a nation of self blamers and are no longer looking up to where the money is going and asking, “why”? Why has our government forsaken us? The answer is simple. Greed has taken over and our country is now corporation driven.

In this world where “black lives matter”, no one’s life matters, anymore. So much so, that healthcare in our country has become a luxury for few. You can think to yourself “hey, I am doing ok..I am going to make it. I am going to survive. I may even prosper.” However, what come next is an illness that sets you back, takes your job, your home and your family.

The rules and laws have been so twisted in favor of major corporations that I don’t know if it is even possible to ever bring back the American Dream. How can Small American upstarts ever compete when they have to pay for an extremely over priced healthcare system that funnels money up and not down to the people that it is supposed to be working for?

I am tired. So, very tired.

Author: genevajolee

I am a YouTuber and Lifestyle Blogger for women. I am a nurse and this is my hobby. My blog is geared towards women 50 and over, but all are welcome.

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